How to Password Protect Internet Explorer 11

Let’s know How to Password Protect Internet Explorer 11. Want to disable the internet connection for browser while downloading still happening in the background? Yes, there are many reasons you should be willing to cut down the internet access only just from browsers.

May be you don’t want your kids to open up the web, or you don’t want your Ex to spy on you or even you closet friend to get access to your personal digital data.

There are lots of ways available that can help you to disable internet access, but the most useful and easy one is to apply the option to password protect the internet explorer.

Yeah, you heard it right! This is pretty much possible that you can password protect IE (Internet Explorer) and restrict the access of internet without using any third party application

.Password Protect security for Internet Explorer 11   Password Protect Internet Explorer 11

Note:– This is not the best option if you are using more browsers along with Internet Explorer. However, in case you are using only IE then it will be very useful for you.

How to Password Protect Internet Explorer 11 ?

As usual we have made all the process very simple. Just follow some simple steps to password protect your Internet Explorer 11.

1. First of all Start Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Content tab > Content Advisor > Click Enable.


Note: The screenshot taken are from Internet Explorer 8 as the Content Advisor option is not available in Internet Explorer 11. For this you can use the following command in RUN box (Win + R):

RunDll32.exe msrating.dll,RatingSetupUI

Copy and paste the above command line as it is in RUN box and Content Advisor window will open. But to use this command make sure you are login with administrator account otherwise your settings will not get saved.

pasword protect

2. Once you have clicked on the Enable button in the last step, IE will open Content Advisor window where you have to click on General tab and then click on Create password button. After that set the password in the Create Supervisor Password dialog box and click on OK button to save it. Finally, click on OK button of Content Advisor and on Internet Options OK button as well.

pasword protect 2

3. Now Restart the Internet Explore to take the effects of new security settings.

Next time when you will try to access any website using Internet Explorer you have to enter the password and without password any unauthorized person can’t use your internet.

pasword protected

For advanced users Content Advisor window is very useful because in Approved Sites tab to have the options to create a list of websites that are always viewable or never viewable. Enter the website name in Allow the website box and click onthe Allow or Never button.

By enabling password protect option in Internet Explorer, no unauthorized access will be allowed.

By knowing How to Password Protect Internet Explorer 11 given above, you will be safe from authorization. f you have any questions, then you are free to share using comment bar at bottom of this page. You can give your reviews also on our site The Bridge Portland.

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