How To Open Google Play Newsstand In Geo-Locked Countries

Google is badly known for updating their existing service and launching some new one to give their users something more extraordinary. Recently Google has launched its new news service called Google Play Newsstand where you can get more than 1900 free and paid magazines from all over the world.

For the same service, Google has also launched a dedicated Android app that offers the same service on the go. Now, as we know that being located outside the US, we miss very some of the popular offerings, may it be NetFlix, Pandora, Amazone Prime, etc.

This time also, this newly started service is available only for U.S, Canada, U.K. and Australia only.

And as I’m from India, when I checked the new service, I was dis-heartened to see that it is not in the list of Google Play and there was a huge banner saying “Sorry! Newsstand on Google Play is not available in your country yet”.

I know there are a millions of people who are getting the same message but wait, not to worry! Here is the trick that you can use to access Newsstand in your country as well whether it is launched in your country or not.

The process is very simple but you have to download and install Firefox first, only then you will able to access this service on your computer. You can do same in Google Chrome as well.

newsstand india block


The solution is a Firefox extension called One Click Proxy IP that allows you to browse the website using different HTTP or Socks proxies. It easily bypasses blocked sites and firewalls that allow to access any type of website or page that is banned in your countries.

Once you install this extension in Firefox, you can easily Turn-on or off it by one simple click onIP icon which shows at Firefox toolbar. You can also change the proxy address in a second by clicking on Change Proxy button.

newsstand india block

I applied the above solution and Newsstand service is accessible in my country as well.

Note: Sometime, the proxy does not work and Newsstand page will not open. No worries! Just click on Change Proxy button and try to access same page again.

newsstand india block

You can also use dedicated VPN services if you don’t want any extensions. However for VPN, you have to shell out some money.

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