How to Group Attached Storage Devices and Hard Drives In Windows

Many Naive users have this question in mind that – How to Group Attached Storage Devices and Hard Drives In Windows? With the latest release of the new operating system Windows 8 and 8.1 by Microsoft, many of us have started using it.

Needless to say that Microsoft has made many changes in the newest offering to improve the UI (User Interface) and to make it more user-friendly which is now faster and offers hell lots of options for customization.

Likewise, Windows Explorer also has been changed and now it is also more user friendly giving the option to navigate on the single window.


Windows Explorer ribbon is also a new feature that makes daily tasks easier. You have probably noticed that when you attach any storage device like a portable hard drive or pen drive it shows under the single group heading Devices and Drives that makes somewhat difficult to find out the device that you have attached.

But you can actually sort them all into groups. You can do that by simply separating attached device from the “Devices and Drivers” option.

How to Separate the Attached Storage Devices from Hard Drives ?

To get this feature you don’t need to change any setting or system registry values because this option is available under the Windows Explorer context menu. Just right-click anywhere on the empty place and then click on More… option that is available under Group By menu. You can check the screenshot below to understand it in a visual way.

group option

Under More.. Option select the File System check box and click on OK button.

group attached

Finally, again right-click anywhere on the empty place and this time you will see one new option File System under same Group By menu.

group attached 2

Select File System and now you will see that the attached device and hard drives are available under separate group or title.

group attached 3

By following the complete guidance given above, you get to know “How to Group Attached Storage Devices and Hard Drives In Windows”. If you have any queries regarding this, then you are free to share using comment bar at bottom of this page. For more posts visit our site The Bridge Portland.

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