How to Create Groups of Installed Apps in Windows 8.1

Well organized computer with files and folders helps us to retrieve the information we need within few seconds. It’s important to know How to Create Groups of Installed Apps in Windows 8.1. For example, you have a folder on the computer which contains music files, documents, apps and software.

If you have to search any specific item in that folder it will be not an easy task if you have a chunk of files like we have. You have to check lots of files or you will have to search the whole folder for a single file.

But if you have the same contents in well organized different folders like mp3 files in Music folder, office files in the Documents folder and applications in Software folder you will find out anything within few seconds.

The same rule applies on Windows 8 apps and Start Screen. Start Screen with huge number of installed apps can’t help you find out your favorite app without using the search option but Windows 8 and 8.1 have feature to group the same type of apps under one roof.

Using customize option in Windows 8.1 you can collect similar apps in one group and you can also title the group so that you can easily recognize them later. To create an apps group, you have to follow the instructions below:

1. Login with Windows 8.1 and go to Start Screen. On the Start Screen right-click on Mouse and select the Customize menu that will pop up in the Apps menu (bottom of screen).

group windows 8.1 ap0ps

2. Once you have selected the Customize option, move the apps in the related group where you want to see the app. For example, you can collect all the sound related apps under Music group.

Check the screenshot below where I have moved Maps and Weather app under one group and titled the group with Weather and Maps. You can also do the same and create groups of apps.

group windows 8.1 apps 02

By this way, it will be very easy to sort the things out. Might you catch up the points listed about Creating Groups of Installed Apps in Windows 8.1. Do share your views if you liked it on The Bridge Portland.


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