Customize Firefox Background Using New Tab Extension

Mozilla gives facility to Customize Firefox Backround using New Tab Extension. It keeps on updating Firefox version continuously to give better and faster browser experience to its users. I am not a regular Firefox user but when it comes to the second choice browser, then yes I like Firefox.

There are still millions of fans and users of Firefox that proves that Firefox is still popular and in this blog I had published many articles related to Firefox from time to time.


new tab tools firefox

About New Tab Tools Extension  Installation

Today, I will review one small extension called New Tab Tools Extension that helps you to customize the Firefox background of the New Tab page.

Like other popular browsers, Firefox also supports new tab where you can access recent visited web pages and settings. But Firefox new tab page comes with limited options and you can’t customize them in your own way.

And to Customize Firefox background, New Tab Entension comes handy by which user can set the background in the way they want.

After installing this option, you can see one small gear icon at the top-right of Firefox new tab. Click on Setting icon and one small settings panel will open where you can configure the new tab look.

You can customize Firefox background new tab in two way, first new tab background and second new tab tiles background. You can paste the direct image URL of browse for the image from local computer. Once you browse or paste the image URL click on the Set button to get the result instantly.

new tab tools firefox 2

There are some more options available with extension that makes it very useful. Click on More options link to get another setting panel of this extension.

In this settings panel, you can customize the default total number of rows and columns to another value. By default, you can see total 3 rows and 3 columns but can you can change them using New Tab Tools extensions.

new tab tools firefox 3

A nice customization tool to Customize Firefox Background is New Tab Extension Tools. That helps you to personalize your Firefox New Tab page in your own way. Do share this information and give your feedback here on The Bridge Portland.

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