Android Developer Option: 5 Useful Things

There is Developer Options in Android devices is hidden by default, which comes with wide variety of advance options. Those options are intended for developers, but many of them are still interesting for geeks or even for normal users.

Android Devpl

To unlock this developer option, user will have to enable the developer option menu. After enabling the developer option, you will have access to some handy advance options to play with.

Enabling USB Debugging

USB debugging allows applications on your computer to interface with your Android Device over the USB connections. This options was thought to be only for developers, but it’s the most widely used hidden option.

USB debugging is required for some advance tricks like installing the custom ROM, rooting your Android device, or even for unlocking it, etc. However, USB debugging can be a security threat as it allows the direct access to your device.

Android Devpl opt

Speed Up the Android

You probably have noticed that, when you switch between apps and screens, you will be greeted with animates in between. What a time waste … isn’t it? You can simply disable those animations and thereby can speed up your Android Device.

Android Devpl option

If you have any faster Android Device, disabling the animations will allow you to navigate between apps almost instantly. However, if you don’t want any instant working, enable it back.

Force Enable FXAA For Better Performance of Games

If you are a big fan of high-end games and you play 3D games all the time on your high-end Android Smartphone or Android Tablet, then you can actually make the performance of the game even better by force enabling the Force 4X MSAA option. By enabling this option, Android will be forced to use 4X multisample anti-aliasing in OpenGL ES 2.0 games and other graphic related apps.

This is same as force enabling anti-aliasing using NVIDIA control panel on your PC.

Android Devploper

However, enabling this option will drain down the battery at the fastest rate.

Fake GPS Location

Enabling the developer option, you’ll have option to fake your GPS location. The Allow Mock Locations option allows user to set fake GPS locations and thereby troll the Android GPS locator. Yes, you can actually fake your check-in location as well using this option.

fack location

Check Task Killers:

You know how bad task killers are … no? Yes, if you are using it, you are just making sure to slow down your device.

They actually throw out every cached data, and not to mention they are very useful. Using Task Killer will eventually slow down your Android device and if you want to check task killer performance, you can check it from developers options.

task killer

If you are not sure what you are doing with this option, don’t even try to try it.

With all that being said, there are more options in developer mode which are intended for developers only. So, if you don’t know what you are doing, it’s better not to do it.

However, if you have changed the settings and want to revert the changes, simply slide the button to Off given at the top. If you want to know more about any other options, do let us know!

By knowing the user’s 5 Useful Things in Android Developer Options given above, you get to know we can change many important settings. If you have any questions, then you are free to share using comment bar at bottom of this page. You can give your reviews also on our site The Bridge Portland.

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