5 Best Android Keyboard To Help You Type Faster

The 5 Best Android Keyboard To Help You Type Faster are here. As everything is turning out to be Mobile Centric, our fingers which was once the player of physical keyboard are getting addicted to on-screen keyboard.

There are many third-party keyboard apps available out there like gesture-typing keyboard which Android allows the user to play with.


So, If you are an Android user, pat yourself as you can choose the keyboard you want to use unlike the iPhone or Windows users.

5 Best Android Keyboard

1. Google Keyboard

Google Keyboard is an Android’s official keyboard. However, as we all know that every mobile manufacture tweak this sort of basic things as per their UI, it may be possible that you’ll get on-screen keyboard designed by Smartphone or Tablet Manufacture instead of Google’s official one.

google keyboard

You can install the Google Keyboard by heading to Google Play Store. The features included in Google’s own keyboard are built-in gesture typing, hugely popularized as Swype, Full next word prediction, voice recognition which works in offline mode as well and many others.

2. Swype

The fact is, none of the other Android Keyboard has completely matched the accuracy of Swipe-to-type feature which was designed by Swype. If you use gesture typing all the time, Swype is the best bet for you.

swype on android

Swype offers the user to try it for free for a month and thereafter the user will have to shell out $1. Also, now Swype can be installed directly from Google Play Store without any previous tedious process or sideloading the Swype app.

3. SwiftKey

Offering amazing auto-correction and auto-prediction feature, SwiftKey cost around $4 to its user. Although, user can try it for free for a period of one month. Simply type as fast as you can and SwiftKey will notice your mistakes and will eventually show you the word which you actually wanted to type.

swiftkey prediction

For $4, SwiftKey may be a bit pricey, but the features like tap to type rather than swipe to type that SwiftKey offers to its users is worth paying for.

4. Minnum

Being the CrowdFunded keyboard which is still in its beta phase, Minuum is the perfect blend of creativity and experimentation from Developers. Using the tiny keyboard for freeing up the screen space and using the single row of letters rather than a full keyboard on screen, Minuum offers the best auto-correction feature that interpret what you intended to type rather than typing the letter you have tapped.

minuum android

With no trial offer, Minuum is available by shelling out $4.

5. MessageEase

Being absolutely free to use, MessageEase presents all letters in a nine-button grid. Just tap a button to type out the common letter and hold down the button after tapping and swipe in appropriate direction to type out the uncommon letter.

messagease keyboard

The only disadvantage of this keyboard is, you have to give it a few minutes to get used to it. With that being said, Google Play Store is full of third-party Keyboard apps.

These are the 5 Best Android Keyboard To Help You Type Faster and easiest way. If you find any other more useful and flexible in use, do let us know in the comment box below and for amazing info visit The Bridge Portland.


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