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Connecting us to God with the Audacious Love of Jesus

We No longer have church

Grocery line starts at 10:00am (distribution around 10:45)


What Distinguishes Us From the Rest....

Relational Togetherness

Relational Togetherness

Even if it is your first time… you belong. Because faith is a difficult journey, we put people before ideologies. This allows us all to be loved by God where we are… as is. And sets a foundation of true healthy relational design.

Growth through Cultural Openness

Growth through Cultural Openness

We find our joy and uniqueness in the diversity of who participates within our community. We are most delighted with people who are themselves. We are not afraid to be FOR those who are interested in respecting the person-hood of others with us.

Acting in Spiritual & Emotional Maturity

Acting in Spiritual & Emotional Maturity

This is our endgame. And we can all move in that direction, and encourage each other on that journey.

Listening and Seeking to Understand

Listening and Seeking to Understand

We all have a voice, and it is so nice when others listen to what we have to say. In a world of email and texting, We have found that having the most respectful interpretation of what people are saying is one of the more difficult places to stand, yet yields the best results.

Encouraging Discussion

Encouraging Discussion

Each one of us has a history that can’t be discounted. And we promote the diversity of thought through our discussions. God can be a touchy subject, Why be in a place that your questions are handled like broken glass? Here be heard, and prepare to be challenged.

Promoting Equality

Promoting Equality

Though much is not equal in this world, God values each of us equally. We celebrate the “Blessed” equality that happens when we all get and give grace.

Impacting the Local Community’s Need by the Use of Symbolic Expression

Impacting the Local Community’s Need by the Use of Symbolic Expression

We are affective people, and the work of God must not only touch our left brain but our right as well. Come experiment with us as we dream up new ways to impact our community with the symbolic and meaningful expression that makes people live, smile, and tear up.


What Do People Say?

  • It’s super real!

    Age 34
  • It’s a good thing to go to. I love the friends I have made there.

    Age 4.5
  • This place gave me back a piece of my soul!

    Age 74
  • it gave me a voice in my life and in my beliefs

    Age 39

Our Services

Come Participate in the Events that Matter.


SUNDAYS 10am-11am. Come pick up a bag of groceries donated by Trader Joes, New Seasons and Whole Foods… No Strings attached.

  • If you've missed singing with Agents of Future on Sundays, come out to this event to laugh and then sing as Todd and Angie perform after the comedians!

  • People Of The Bridge- please do not forget we will start visiting churches this Sunday. If you are interested remember to text Geoff Neill, Crystal Neill, Todd Fadel, or me- Angie Fadel by Friday evening. We will at that time communicate where we are going and what time to meet up.

  • After 16 years as a formal community, The Bridge Christian Church of Portland, OR closed its doors, Sunday, September 21st. We will post videos of our final "formal" gathering here. This page will be monitored through the end of October 2014, then archived. If you would like to share your memories of how The Bridge has impacted your life, please feel free to do so here. We would love to hear your stories and share them. THANK YOU to all of you that came out to sing your guts out, cry your hearts out and celebrate the DNA that runs through all of us -- something we can all, always return to… YOU ARE LOVED.

  • Come to see this. 8pm Friday $5 all-ages.

  • http://www.opb.org/opbmusic/article/633-review-kelli-schaefer-on-the-beast-that-is-christianity-/

  • Thanks Mollye for the video! If you would like to see Geoff and Angie's final talks to The Bridge from this past Sunday, you can find them here. http://youtu.be/mKjNhGWW9AM Don't forget to join us this week, Sept 21st, at 11:30am for our final farewell.

    Angie Fadel & Geoff Neill speak on the penultimate Sunday.

  • Bridge love letter is out!


  • Yesterday's Slut Walk PDX. Standing with all women to end victim blaming and slut shaming and violence against women. Photo credit goes to Becky Garrison

  • Pieces of the music from today: http://youtu.be/WcSBt6eLw6M

    The Bridge's 2nd to last Sunday. Pieces of worship. www.thebridgeportland.org

  • Come hear Geoff and Angie's final talk at The Bridge tomorrow.

  • This is a great article on helping someone you care about deal with grief. Loosing the bridge is a BIG grief for many people. Keep in mind if you haven't been present until this moment you are probably not the person to help someone through this period of loss. People grieving need the support of people who have been present for them. It doesn't mean you can't speak words of love, just choose carefully what word you use.

    Above all, show your love. Show up. Say something. Do something. Be willing to stand beside the gaping hole that has opened in your friend's life, without flinching or turning away. Be love. Love is the thing that lasts....

  • My talk is up from the beginning of September. Hope it is helpful.

    Today I want to talk about the importance of feeling you're feeling. We live in a culture that is all too comfortable with the “good” feelings and less comfortable to the tricky ones. Or some feeli...

  • Bridgers, Family and Friends, As announced this Sunday at church, for the past 16+ years, The Bridge has diligently plugged along through the various waves of being in community together, through the audacious love of Jesus. This particular chapter of The Bridge's Sunday mornings is coming to a close. Our last Sunday, with The Bridge as we know it today, will be September 21st. If you have appreciated the body, come party with us in one final hoorah. Bring yourself and celebrate a community that brought life and a unique perspective of God to Portland. Bring your stories and your smiles. Join us September 21st at 11:30am to celebrate The Bridge and everything it has meant to you and the community over the past 16 years. The weight of this decision and the process of making it are devastating for us; however, we believe, after seeking counsel from trusted mentors, friends and spiritual directors, this is the right decision to make. What will happen to "Food Church"? The Bridge's social justice grocery program will evolve into the hands of leaders that have been an integral part of the process. If you are interested in this evolution, please email us back here and we will keep you apprised. If you would like help finding a new church, during the month of October, Geoff and Angie would love to take you to some amazing Bridge friendly, open and affirming churches we have relationship with, give us a call, email or FB and we will set up a time to go with you. We would love to introduce you to the priests and pastors we know and while different, aesthetically from The Bridge, believe in the same kind of equality and inclusion we honor and value. We ask for your grace, support and love as we make this transition. We are incredibly thankful for the gift The Bridge community has brought us, which includes each of you. Thank you, to those of you that have supported us in various capacities over the years. We are truly grateful for you. If you have questions/concerns/comments or need help navigating this transition, Geoff (geoffreythebold@gmail.com) and Angie (angiefadel@gmail.com) are on call to help in whatever capacity makes sense. Please reach out to them directly. You are loved. Angie, Geoff, Todd and Crystal

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