5 Best Android Keyboard To Help You Type Faster

The 5 Best Android Keyboard To Help You Type Faster are here. As everything is turning out to be Mobile Centric, our fingers which was once the player of physical keyboard are getting addicted to on-screen keyboard.

There are many third-party keyboard apps available out there like gesture-typing keyboard which Android allows the user to play with.


So, If you are an Android user, pat yourself as you can choose the keyboard you want to use unlike the iPhone or Windows users.

5 Best Android Keyboard

1. Google Keyboard

Google Keyboard is an Android’s official keyboard. However, as we all know that every mobile manufacture tweak this sort of basic things as per their UI, it may be possible that you’ll get on-screen keyboard designed by Smartphone or Tablet Manufacture instead of Google’s official one.

google keyboard

You can install the Google Keyboard by heading to Google Play Store. The features included in Google’s own keyboard are built-in gesture typing, hugely popularized as Swype, Full next word prediction, voice recognition which works in offline mode as well and many others.

2. Swype

The fact is, none of the other Android Keyboard has completely matched the accuracy of Swipe-to-type feature which was designed by Swype. If you use gesture typing all the time, Swype is the best bet for you.

swype on android

Swype offers the user to try it for free for a month and thereafter the user will have to shell out $1. Also, now Swype can be installed directly from Google Play Store without any previous tedious process or sideloading the Swype app.

3. SwiftKey

Offering amazing auto-correction and auto-prediction feature, SwiftKey cost around $4 to its user. Although, user can try it for free for a period of one month. Simply type as fast as you can and SwiftKey will notice your mistakes and will eventually show you the word which you actually wanted to type.

swiftkey prediction

For $4, SwiftKey may be a bit pricey, but the features like tap to type rather than swipe to type that SwiftKey offers to its users is worth paying for.

4. Minnum

Being the CrowdFunded keyboard which is still in its beta phase, Minuum is the perfect blend of creativity and experimentation from Developers. Using the tiny keyboard for freeing up the screen space and using the single row of letters rather than a full keyboard on screen, Minuum offers the best auto-correction feature that interpret what you intended to type rather than typing the letter you have tapped.

minuum android

With no trial offer, Minuum is available by shelling out $4.

5. MessageEase

Being absolutely free to use, MessageEase presents all letters in a nine-button grid. Just tap a button to type out the common letter and hold down the button after tapping and swipe in appropriate direction to type out the uncommon letter.

messagease keyboard

The only disadvantage of this keyboard is, you have to give it a few minutes to get used to it. With that being said, Google Play Store is full of third-party Keyboard apps.

These are the 5 Best Android Keyboard To Help You Type Faster and easiest way. If you find any other more useful and flexible in use, do let us know in the comment box below and for amazing info visit The Bridge Portland.


Customize Firefox Background Using New Tab Extension

Mozilla gives facility to Customize Firefox Backround using New Tab Extension. It keeps on updating Firefox version continuously to give better and faster browser experience to its users. I am not a regular Firefox user but when it comes to the second choice browser, then yes I like Firefox.

There are still millions of fans and users of Firefox that proves that Firefox is still popular and in this blog I had published many articles related to Firefox from time to time.


new tab tools firefox

About New Tab Tools Extension  Installation

Today, I will review one small extension called New Tab Tools Extension that helps you to customize the Firefox background of the New Tab page.

Like other popular browsers, Firefox also supports new tab where you can access recent visited web pages and settings. But Firefox new tab page comes with limited options and you can’t customize them in your own way.

And to Customize Firefox background, New Tab Entension comes handy by which user can set the background in the way they want.

After installing this option, you can see one small gear icon at the top-right of Firefox new tab. Click on Setting icon and one small settings panel will open where you can configure the new tab look.

You can customize Firefox background new tab in two way, first new tab background and second new tab tiles background. You can paste the direct image URL of browse for the image from local computer. Once you browse or paste the image URL click on the Set button to get the result instantly.

new tab tools firefox 2

There are some more options available with extension that makes it very useful. Click on More options link to get another setting panel of this extension.

In this settings panel, you can customize the default total number of rows and columns to another value. By default, you can see total 3 rows and 3 columns but can you can change them using New Tab Tools extensions.

new tab tools firefox 3

A nice customization tool to Customize Firefox Background is New Tab Extension Tools. That helps you to personalize your Firefox New Tab page in your own way. Do share this information and give your feedback here on The Bridge Portland.

The Simplest Way To Get Start Button Back in Windows 8 and 8.1: StartIsBack

Do you ever feel that something is missing in newer version of Windows? Yes, most of us have bragged for the traditional looking The Way to Get Back Start Button which was removed from Windows 8.

However, Microsoft has acknowledged this particular demand of the users, but do you really think that Start Button in the latest release of Windows 8.1 works in the similar fashion it used to work in Windows 7 or in XP?

StartIsBack snapshot full 01

The latest version of Windows, The Windows 8.1 do have the start button, but it eventually takes you to the main Start Tile Screen. So, what’s the difference Microsoft has added … Nothing .. no?

Okay … Let’s just not talk about what good or bad things Microsoft has added to the latest release, Instead let’s find the solution to get what we want, to get Start Button back in Windows 8, “The Traditional Start Button”!

When you look around the web, you will definitely find hell lots of tricks to get start button back in window 8 or 8.1, but I bet, most of them are useless. They don’t do the task for what they are meant.

And then, there are some frustrated users who want some functionality at any cost. So, after getting loads of mails and messages and personal requests to solve this issue.

We are here with one awesome tool called “StartIsBack” which was literally made to fill this gap and to get Start Button in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 back in just a matter to seconds.get start button back 02

How to Get Start Button Back in Windows 8 or 8.1? – The Process

You just need to follow some simple steps to get start button back in windows 8. All you need to do is to click on the link given at the end of this article to download the software called “StarIsBack”.

Double click on the setup and Voila!!! Within few seconds you’ll be presented with the options to choose, the way you want your start button to look like.

start is back settings 03

You have the options to change the appearance of the Start button in the way you like. You can Configure the switching rules for what you want to show up when you log off your screen, etc.

StartIsBack snapshot 04

Things You Can Do With StartIsBack:

There are hell lot of things you can customize using StartIsBack. Below are some notable options you would like to use.

  • With the help of SmartIsBack, you can disable the Hot Screen Corners.
  • You can Show Taskbar on Start Screen.
  • You can have a clutter free Start Screen.
  • You can even choose the skin you want to display on the Start Menu.
  • The user can even configure the level of Translucency for Start Menu and Windows Taskbar.

With all that being said, StartIsBack is well optimized for the best possible experience on Tablets, PCs and notebooks as well.

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How to Create Groups of Installed Apps in Windows 8.1

Well organized computer with files and folders helps us to retrieve the information we need within few seconds. It’s important to know How to Create Groups of Installed Apps in Windows 8.1. For example, you have a folder on the computer which contains music files, documents, apps and software.

If you have to search any specific item in that folder it will be not an easy task if you have a chunk of files like we have. You have to check lots of files or you will have to search the whole folder for a single file.

But if you have the same contents in well organized different folders like mp3 files in Music folder, office files in the Documents folder and applications in Software folder you will find out anything within few seconds.

The same rule applies on Windows 8 apps and Start Screen. Start Screen with huge number of installed apps can’t help you find out your favorite app without using the search option but Windows 8 and 8.1 have feature to group the same type of apps under one roof.

Using customize option in Windows 8.1 you can collect similar apps in one group and you can also title the group so that you can easily recognize them later. To create an apps group, you have to follow the instructions below:

1. Login with Windows 8.1 and go to Start Screen. On the Start Screen right-click on Mouse and select the Customize menu that will pop up in the Apps menu (bottom of screen).

group windows 8.1 ap0ps

2. Once you have selected the Customize option, move the apps in the related group where you want to see the app. For example, you can collect all the sound related apps under Music group.

Check the screenshot below where I have moved Maps and Weather app under one group and titled the group with Weather and Maps. You can also do the same and create groups of apps.

group windows 8.1 apps 02

By this way, it will be very easy to sort the things out. Might you catch up the points listed about Creating Groups of Installed Apps in Windows 8.1. Do share your views if you liked it on The Bridge Portland.


6 Top Websites From Where You Could Learn More About Internet TV

These days Internet TV is one of the awesome trends. The Internet and the television are two of the most wonderful inventions ever.

However, they used to be unrelated. People watch their television for various shows while they use their computer for the Internet. But nowadays, people could enjoy the Internet with their television. This means more channels to enjoy and more television shows to watch.

If you want to know more about Internet TV and how it works, there are a number of sites that you can always check out for information. Here they are:


CNET is a very popular tech media website based in the United States. It publishes articles, news, blogs, as well as podcasts about everything you want to know about technology.

It even publishes reviews on the latest gadgets and gizmos out there such as DVD’s, Smartphones, and game consoles. Of course, it is where you would be able to know more about Internet TV.cnet

Internet TV is very popular nowadays and you could find a lot of write-ups about it on the CNET website. Take note that you could enjoy useful info from CNET through is an Internet television network, CNET TV.


Another website you could check out for information regarding Internet TV is Howstuffworks. It explains in detail about how Internet TV works.

From the article posted at the site regarding the topic, you would get a detailed description of Internet TV, the types of Internet TV and their estimated prices, as well as other types of useful information.


Articles posted at Howstuffworks.com are contributed by skilled writers and researchers and these articles are not too complex to understand.


Probably the top source of general information that a lot of people rely on is Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia. It is a website that has been created with the help from various contributors from the academic field.


It is from where you could learn about Internet TV as well as other items related to technology. Though considered unreliable because of the questionable sources, Wikipedia can give you a concise background about the things you need to know about Internet TV.


Youtube has evolved a lot from just a video-sharing site where people share their home videos. It has somehow become a community where not only video clips but full-length films and other interesting documentaries could be uploaded.


Also, there have been so many tutorials that give useful information recently. You could always sear about videos which could inform you about Internet TV. Sometimes, watching a simple video is better than just reading text, right? Some of the channels that you could check out for amazing videos include TheSourceCA, Brandon Wirtz, and TrinetOnline among others.


Another useful source of information regarding Internet TV is About.com.  It gives short but descriptive articles about Internet TV. The articles are what you should check out if you need to familiarize yourself with the said technology without delving into too much detail.


Aside from the articles that you could read, you could also check out an informative video in case you are not in the mood for reading. Attached to the articles and video are also other interesting links which you might find very interesting.


If you are a techy person, then you have probably relied on Wisegeek for so many times when it comes to tech-related gadgets. Wisegeek has an article for almost any topic in the tech industry and these include the topic of Internet TV.


The great thing about wisegeek is that it offers a number of links related to the article you might be reading. These links are about various related topics such as TV reviews, popular TV shows, and a whole lot more. Discussion posts are also available in case you want to see the opinions of other web users.

These are just some of the numerous online sources about Internet TV.  If you are having a hard time thinking whether to switch to Internet TV or not, then you would really have to read a lot of articles about it.

Hopefully, reading about Internet TV will help you decide to get it. After all, it certainly does offer a lot of advantages and is considered as far better than regular cable TV. You can give your reviews in comment box on our site The Bridge Portland.

How To Enable Developer Option Menu in Your Android Device

The Developer Option Menu in Android Device comes with quite handy and advance options. Yes, they are intended for developers, but those options will be interesting to geeky and even to normal users as well.

developer option

By enabling developer option, users can enable USB Debugging, they can disable the animation to speed up their Android Device, they can even fake their GPS Locations with some tweaking, installing a custom ROM and hell lots of other things.

As we had published one article on Disabling the Animations on Android Device to Speed it up, which also requires to enable the developer option.

Many of you were very eager to know the exact procedure to enable the developer option. Although, we had already mentioned that in the previous article, but for you all … here it is one more time !

Enable Developer Option- The Process

To enable the developer option, just head over to the settings tab and scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap on “About Phone” or “About Tablet”.

setting on

Again scroll down to the bottom of the screen and locate the build number option.

build number

All you need to do is to tap the Build Number option several times until you see “You are now a  Developer” message. When you are tapping, you’ll see the countdown showing your relative position from being the developer.

enabling deve

As mentioned earlier, once you achieved the developer mark, you’ll be greeted with the message “You are now a Developer”.

developer mes

All done, tap the back button on your Android device and you’ll see the newly listed option of “Developer Options” in your settings panel.You don’t need to repeat this process every time. And needless to say, you can now customize your Android in advance level as per your necessity.

developer option

That’s it! You are now a Developer. As you have Enable Developer Option Menu in Your Android Device. If you have any queries regarding this, then you are free to share using comment bar at bottom of this page. For more related posts visit our site The Bridge Portland.

How to Password Protect Internet Explorer 11

Let’s know How to Password Protect Internet Explorer 11. Want to disable the internet connection for browser while downloading still happening in the background? Yes, there are many reasons you should be willing to cut down the internet access only just from browsers.

May be you don’t want your kids to open up the web, or you don’t want your Ex to spy on you or even you closet friend to get access to your personal digital data.

There are lots of ways available that can help you to disable internet access, but the most useful and easy one is to apply the option to password protect the internet explorer.

Yeah, you heard it right! This is pretty much possible that you can password protect IE (Internet Explorer) and restrict the access of internet without using any third party application

.Password Protect security for Internet Explorer 11   Password Protect Internet Explorer 11

Note:– This is not the best option if you are using more browsers along with Internet Explorer. However, in case you are using only IE then it will be very useful for you.

How to Password Protect Internet Explorer 11 ?

As usual we have made all the process very simple. Just follow some simple steps to password protect your Internet Explorer 11.

1. First of all Start Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Content tab > Content Advisor > Click Enable.


Note: The screenshot taken are from Internet Explorer 8 as the Content Advisor option is not available in Internet Explorer 11. For this you can use the following command in RUN box (Win + R):

RunDll32.exe msrating.dll,RatingSetupUI

Copy and paste the above command line as it is in RUN box and Content Advisor window will open. But to use this command make sure you are login with administrator account otherwise your settings will not get saved.

pasword protect

2. Once you have clicked on the Enable button in the last step, IE will open Content Advisor window where you have to click on General tab and then click on Create password button. After that set the password in the Create Supervisor Password dialog box and click on OK button to save it. Finally, click on OK button of Content Advisor and on Internet Options OK button as well.

pasword protect 2

3. Now Restart the Internet Explore to take the effects of new security settings.

Next time when you will try to access any website using Internet Explorer you have to enter the password and without password any unauthorized person can’t use your internet.

pasword protected

For advanced users Content Advisor window is very useful because in Approved Sites tab to have the options to create a list of websites that are always viewable or never viewable. Enter the website name in Allow the website box and click onthe Allow or Never button.

By enabling password protect option in Internet Explorer, no unauthorized access will be allowed.

By knowing How to Password Protect Internet Explorer 11 given above, you will be safe from authorization. f you have any questions, then you are free to share using comment bar at bottom of this page. You can give your reviews also on our site The Bridge Portland.

Download Group Policy Settings Reference for Windows 8.1 | Server 2012 R2

In Microsoft, Group Policy Settings is the most advanced part that allows users to make some advanced changes that is not possible under settings panel. For IT people and computer experts Group Polices plays a very important role because using this they can improve system usability and security as well.

Group Polices are not easy to manage and not every computer user can easily play with this advanced feature but using a Microsoft’s new Group Policy Settings Reference guide you can also become a Group Policy expert.

Generally, you can use gpedit.msc to access group policy editor, but there is no search and filter option available that makes the process very complicated to find out any appropriate setting or policy.

group policy guide windows 8.1

How to set the Group Policy Settings

However, with the help of above snap of Settings Reference by Microsoft you can easily search out any policy and related location. Settings Reference is available in Excel spreadsheet format to view a specific subset of data, based on one value or a combination of values that are available in one or more of the columns.

In the spreadsheet you will get lots of information about available policies and related Registry Key as well that affects when you update any Group Policy. Once you get the related registry key location you can directly configure the specific policy without opening the Group Policy editor.

The Administrative Template spreadsheet contains three columns that provide more information about each policy setting’s behavior related to reboots, logoffs, and schema extensions. These columns are the following:

  • Reboot Required: A “Yes” in this column means that the Windows operating systems require a restart before it applies the described policy setting.
  • Logoff Required: A “Yes” in this column means that the Windows operating system requires the user to log off and log on again before it applies the described policy setting.
  • Active Directory Schema or Domain Requirements: A “Yes” in this column means that you must extend the Active Directory schema before you can deploy this policy setting.
  • Status: A “New” in this column means that the setting did not exist prior to Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1. It does not mean that the setting applies only to Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1. Refer to the column entitled “supported on” to determine to which operating system the policy setting applies.

group policy guide windows 8.1

This Excel spreadsheet is available as free to download and you can get it from Microsoft.

By the complete guidance given above, you get to know about Download Group Policy Settings Reference for Windows 8.1 | Server 2012 R2. If you have any queries regarding this, then you are free to share using comment bar at bottom of this page. You can give your reviews or feedbacks on The Bridge Portland.



Android Developer Option: 5 Useful Things

There is Developer Options in Android devices is hidden by default, which comes with wide variety of advance options. Those options are intended for developers, but many of them are still interesting for geeks or even for normal users.

Android Devpl

To unlock this developer option, user will have to enable the developer option menu. After enabling the developer option, you will have access to some handy advance options to play with.

Enabling USB Debugging

USB debugging allows applications on your computer to interface with your Android Device over the USB connections. This options was thought to be only for developers, but it’s the most widely used hidden option.

USB debugging is required for some advance tricks like installing the custom ROM, rooting your Android device, or even for unlocking it, etc. However, USB debugging can be a security threat as it allows the direct access to your device.

Android Devpl opt

Speed Up the Android

You probably have noticed that, when you switch between apps and screens, you will be greeted with animates in between. What a time waste … isn’t it? You can simply disable those animations and thereby can speed up your Android Device.

Android Devpl option

If you have any faster Android Device, disabling the animations will allow you to navigate between apps almost instantly. However, if you don’t want any instant working, enable it back.

Force Enable FXAA For Better Performance of Games

If you are a big fan of high-end games and you play 3D games all the time on your high-end Android Smartphone or Android Tablet, then you can actually make the performance of the game even better by force enabling the Force 4X MSAA option. By enabling this option, Android will be forced to use 4X multisample anti-aliasing in OpenGL ES 2.0 games and other graphic related apps.

This is same as force enabling anti-aliasing using NVIDIA control panel on your PC.

Android Devploper

However, enabling this option will drain down the battery at the fastest rate.

Fake GPS Location

Enabling the developer option, you’ll have option to fake your GPS location. The Allow Mock Locations option allows user to set fake GPS locations and thereby troll the Android GPS locator. Yes, you can actually fake your check-in location as well using this option.

fack location

Check Task Killers:

You know how bad task killers are … no? Yes, if you are using it, you are just making sure to slow down your device.

They actually throw out every cached data, and not to mention they are very useful. Using Task Killer will eventually slow down your Android device and if you want to check task killer performance, you can check it from developers options.

task killer

If you are not sure what you are doing with this option, don’t even try to try it.

With all that being said, there are more options in developer mode which are intended for developers only. So, if you don’t know what you are doing, it’s better not to do it.

However, if you have changed the settings and want to revert the changes, simply slide the button to Off given at the top. If you want to know more about any other options, do let us know!

By knowing the user’s 5 Useful Things in Android Developer Options given above, you get to know we can change many important settings. If you have any questions, then you are free to share using comment bar at bottom of this page. You can give your reviews also on our site The Bridge Portland.

How to Group Attached Storage Devices and Hard Drives In Windows

Many Naive users have this question in mind that – How to Group Attached Storage Devices and Hard Drives In Windows? With the latest release of the new operating system Windows 8 and 8.1 by Microsoft, many of us have started using it.

Needless to say that Microsoft has made many changes in the newest offering to improve the UI (User Interface) and to make it more user-friendly which is now faster and offers hell lots of options for customization.

Likewise, Windows Explorer also has been changed and now it is also more user friendly giving the option to navigate on the single window.


Windows Explorer ribbon is also a new feature that makes daily tasks easier. You have probably noticed that when you attach any storage device like a portable hard drive or pen drive it shows under the single group heading Devices and Drives that makes somewhat difficult to find out the device that you have attached.

But you can actually sort them all into groups. You can do that by simply separating attached device from the “Devices and Drivers” option.

How to Separate the Attached Storage Devices from Hard Drives ?

To get this feature you don’t need to change any setting or system registry values because this option is available under the Windows Explorer context menu. Just right-click anywhere on the empty place and then click on More… option that is available under Group By menu. You can check the screenshot below to understand it in a visual way.

group option

Under More.. Option select the File System check box and click on OK button.

group attached

Finally, again right-click anywhere on the empty place and this time you will see one new option File System under same Group By menu.

group attached 2

Select File System and now you will see that the attached device and hard drives are available under separate group or title.

group attached 3

By following the complete guidance given above, you get to know “How to Group Attached Storage Devices and Hard Drives In Windows”. If you have any queries regarding this, then you are free to share using comment bar at bottom of this page. For more posts visit our site The Bridge Portland.